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Printer manufacturers

Brand comes from concentration

Company Advantage

  • With more than 10 years of experiences in barcode printing field.
  • Multiple patented and integrated with R&D, manufacturing and marketing.
  • Learning organization with a team of strong cohesion.

Product Advantage

  • Highly cost-efficient with direct R&D and manufacturing
  • Sustainable supply for all barcode printer parts is well secured.
  • Sufficient supply and guranteed quality from original source...
  • Product is mult-used in logistics, manuafcuring, medical...
  • The product style design is novel, the manufacture craft is excellent...

Price advantage

  • Factory direct sales, save the intermediate link, the price is more affordable
  • Direct customization, for your input cost savings 30%-50%, network direct...
  • Self production, marketing, saving from the source, let you enjoy the lowest price

Service advantage

  • Albemarle valley development strategy, based on the diamond quality service...
  • Have a professional post tracking team, for you to answer all kinds of after-sale...
  • Self production, marketing, saving from the source, let you enjoy the lowest price

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About us


    Shenzhen Yabao Valley Technology Limited is a company founded in 2011, comprehensive research and development production and sales of specialized barcode printers and accessories of the private enterprises. The company is located in Shenzhen, Baoan District, adjacent to Guangzhou Shenzhen Tong Le Jiu exit, traffic is convenient. Company specializing in the production of "ABAR" brand series bar code printers, as well as the brand barcode printing head maintenance. The product style design is novel, the manufacture craft is excellent, and according to the customer demand carries on the custom production. The products are widely used in logistics, manufacturing, medical, transportation, education and other fields, the company has strong technical force and scientific research innovation ability, professional technical team with high quality, not only China has a huge sales network, products are exported to Europe and other parts of the world, deeply favored by the market, enjoys a high reputation in the same industry and it has become one of the famous brands of barcode industry. We always adhere to the good faith and to benefit customers, to provide cost-effective products, adhere to their own



  • Albemarle Business License
  • Opening permit
  • Organization Code Certificate
  • Tax Registration Certificate
Common problemMORE
Common problems with thermal printheads
High-quality inks generally do not produce permanent plugs. Therefore, some plugs are only false. Generally, the following “plugging” nozzles occur:
How can a print head extend its life
The print head is a delicate and expensive part of the bar code printer and is also a fragile and vulnerable device. It is a depletion product like a
Print character misplacement and crash handling
Causes: First, caused by misalignment of the print head during the transportation or moving of the printer, and then the print head may also cause m


Contact Person: Sherry Yuan
Mobile Phone: +86 13410182885
Direct Hotline: 0755-28800001
Faxt: 0755-27873025
Address: 6 Floor, B Block, Teng Jun Industrial Zone, BaoAn 73 District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China

Sweeping attention

Sweeping attention

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