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Why zebra printer printheads are damaged prematurely

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As we all know, the most expensive and fragile part of the Zebra printer is the print head. When customers purchase the print head, the customer generally cares about the service life of the print head. The official answer given by the Zebra manufacturer is that the design life of the zebra print head manufacturer is in the 500,000 km. In fact, the life of the print head mainly depends on the cumulative length of the printed label, the use of the environment, maintenance and other factors, in the case of proper maintenance, can extend the life of the print head.

So in practical applications, the life span of a print head is uneven, with a print head, a bit of customers can print 500,000 kilometers or more, and some customers only hit 200,000 kilometers. This is a big disparity. Why is the zebra print head damaged prematurely?

1. Scratching - Long-term movement of the label ribbon through the barcode print head wears off the protective layer of the ceramic coating, exposing the bar code print head pin (dot) and eventually damaging it.

2. Frequently clean the barcode print head to avoid scratches and use a high-quality, smooth back-ribbed thermal transfer ribbon to reduce friction;

3. Make sure the ribbon width is wider than the label to prevent the exposed barcode printhead from being scratched by the label.

4. The dirt caused by the ribbon back layer. In the printer process, the ribbon will leave a lot of powder on the glue stick. If it is not cleaned in time, it will injure the print head, so it is necessary to regularly clean the barcode printer glue stick.

5, some customers have a large amount of print, it will adjust the printer print speed quickly, this will shorten the print head life (print speed, the proposed default settings) in order to ensure the quality of the barcode print head and extend the life, you need Clean it regularly, and the more frequently the bar code print head is used, the more often it should be cleaned.

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