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What happens to the print head of a barcode printer

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The print head of a bar code printer is one of the most important components in a bar code printer. It is composed of a row of heating elements. The common bar code printer has 8 or 12 heating elements within the length of 1 mm of the print head. The width of the heating element is very small. When judging whether the print head is broken, you will find that there is a straight, fixed blank line from top to bottom on the printed label paper. If a long blank line appears on the label paper, the print head is broken. In general, the disconnection of the print head cannot be repaired. Only the print head can be replaced.

The general causes of broken stitches are:

1. Dust on the surface of the label paper.

2. Bad surface quality of label paper or ribbon

3. The use of poor quality labels or ribbons requires a higher print head temperature to print clearly, and high temperatures often cause print heads to break easily and shorten the life of the print head.

4. The label paper dropped on the floor has been covered with dust but is rolled back to use.

5. The use width of the ribbon should be slightly wider than the label paper, because the edge of the label paper is very sharp and will cut the print head, so do not use a narrower size than the label paper to save the ribbon.

6. The rubber roller below the print head is not clean and there is a lot of protruding impurities causing wear on the print head.

Under normal circumstances, the above problems will lead to print head damage, so be sure to pay attention when using, because the print head is broken, you can not print the label, and replacing a print head will have hundreds to thousands.

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