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Usage and Maintenance of Barcode Printer Printheads

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1. It is recommended to use high-quality branded ribbons. The selected ribbon should be slightly wider than the label (including the backing paper) to protect the print head.

2. It is recommended to use high-quality label paper. It is forbidden to use unlabeled and unlabeled label paper. If the label surface is dusty, replace it immediately.

3, it is recommended to properly reduce the printer for a long time without interruption.

4, according to the amount of print often cleaning the print head and rubber roller (usually run out of a roll of ribbon cleaning once). When cleaning, please remember to turn off the power of the printer first, and then use a cotton swab to dip absolute alcohol to clean the print head in one direction; when cleaning the rubber roller, it is necessary to rotate the rubber roller to clean the entire roller.

5. Never use hard objects or touch the surface of the print head by hand.

6. When using the printer in a humid area or room, pay special attention to the maintenance of the print head. Before the printer is turned on for a long time, check whether the surface of the print head, the rubber roller and the consumables are abnormal. If it is damp or there are other attachments, please Do not start using it. The print head and the rubber roller can be tested using a medical swab and absolute alcohol, and the replacement of the supply is recommended.

7, it is recommended to regularly clean the dust inside the printer.

8. It is recommended to properly lower the temperature and speed of the print head on the premise of guaranteeing the print quality, which will help extend the life of the print head.

9. Ordinary users must never disassemble the print head on their own to avoid unnecessary losses.

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