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The fastest needle printer in the world was developed by them

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Although the company has faced many life and death choices, Liu Yong is full of confidence in the future.

The country's first domestic needle printer was born in Dalian. The world's fastest pin printer was born in Dalian. The domestic first thermal printer production line was also recently quietly built in Dalian. Perhaps you can't think of this series of achievements in Dalian precision manufacturing, all from the same company, led by the same person. He is Liu Yong, chairman of Dalian Zhongying Technology.

"Forcing" on Venture Road

Determined to fill gaps in domestic technology

In the fifteen years of his business, Liu Yong's experience is that technological innovation never stops. “I studied mechanics and electronics. After graduating from university, I worked as a Japanese-funded precision enterprise in Dalian. Two years later, I was forced to go on business because of a problem in the company.” He lives in Dalian and Liu Yong speaks with Dalian is a unique reality.

2006 was a turning point in Liu Yong's entrepreneurial journey. In that year, his old club had to withdraw from Dalian. He took the opportunity to seize the opportunity to take over the printer projects left by the old club. "At the time, domestically produced printers were all foreign technology, either branded by others or branded, and had no core technology of their own. From the perspective of national information security, this gap must be overcome because needle printers are in the country. It is mainly used for printing papers. If technology is held in the hands of others, it means that information is leaked to others."

To develop a domestic needle printer belief, let Liu Yong embarked on a second venture. I did not expect the product to test successfully in the second year. In 2008, he established the company and launched the product in 2009. “At the time, our products had an absolute advantage in the market because we not only solved the technical problems on our own, but also solved the problem of profitability. The function was not reduced, the quality was not bad, and the cost was greatly reduced. For example, compared with similar products in Japan, we They are half cheaper."

At present, Zhongying Technology is the first printer company with independent intellectual property rights in China and its product sales have covered all provinces in the country. Until now, due to the high technical content, there are few similar companies in the country.

More than technological innovation

Create multiple national firsts

Liu Yong's entrepreneurial journey has such a feature, no matter how good the existing product market, technological innovation and new product development never stop. Because of this, at the end of 2014, the world's fastest dot matrix printer was born in Zhongying Technology. So far, this 32-pin printer still maintains the world's fastest record.

"This 32-pin product can play 600 Chinese characters in one second, while the 24-pin product can play 180 Chinese characters in one second, and the speed is more than doubled. A charging window like a hospital is the best choice for this product. "Liu Yong told reporters that at present this section of the world's fastest pin printer is doing secondary marketing.

In fact, the place of Zhongying Science and Technology cattle is not limited to this. Everyone is familiar with the pos machine, which is also known as the micro-printer in the industry. Liu Yong and his R&D team have also created the nation’s first extraordinary performance. In the third Liaoning Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held last summer, Zhongying Technology won the first prize with its newly developed 18-pin micro printer. At present, only one company in China produces such products, and only one company in Japan can produce similar products abroad. The ex-factory price of Japanese products is 2.5 times more expensive than Zhongying Technology.

Just recently, Zhongying Technology has just built its first thermal printer production line in China.

Challenge impossible

The ideal is to build a billion industrial industrial park

The process of entrepreneurship is the process of finding opportunities. In the course of 15 years of entrepreneurship, Liu Yong has gone through two phases. As he himself said, he was passively embarked on entrepreneurship in order to support his family. However, in the process of entrepreneurship, he gradually identified entrepreneurial ideals through technological innovation. Create new needs. It is precisely because of this that he has challenged "impossible", and he has taken the lead in filling the blank of domestic printers in the precision manufacturing industry that requires high technology. Today, Zhongying Technology's pin-type printer production capacity has accounted for 6% of the country's total, and it has completed the listing of the new three boards last year.

In the past 15 years, the difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs in general have not experienced as much as Liu Yong, the team has problems, the funds have gone wrong, and even the product recall crisis. "Actually, the company has faced many life and death choices, two core team crisis, two crisis of funds cut off, and two product recall crisis." Liu Yong admitted that although the stylus printer is a rigid demand in China, but want to To gain a firm foothold in the market, new technological breakthroughs must be made. At present, Liu Yong is leading the company to technological all-round development. In the future, their ideal is to build a 10 billion industrial industrial park in Dalian.

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