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How can intense competition ensure your business wins

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A successful company often needs to know what kind of products customers need, and provide customers with low-cost, high-quality, high-performance products. They welcome special requests from customers as an opportunity that is different from their competitors. In recent years, due to the increase in competitive pressures, by the mid-1990s, good service to customers has become an advantage. If an enterprise wants to win the competition, it must change the focus of its trade cycle. The current trade cycle should be seen as being driven by customers - the market is the leader, and emphasizes the establishment of a corporate partnership in the trade cycle. The most important feature of a successful company is the level of customer-driven, full satisfaction of customers by providing quality products and services, on-time delivery, low cost and high quality.

In order to achieve effective customer service, companies must be able to quickly respond to their customers' special business needs. In order to reduce inventory and increase the fulfillment rate of orders, it is particularly important to adopt a selective delivery channel. Due to geographical and other factors, direct shipments from the company's suppliers to customers are a common business approach. In addition, we must also pay attention to optimizing inventory and attaching importance to equipment. The use of various resources and space to achieve effective management of logistics operations.

The cost of inventory accounts for a considerable proportion of the total cost of the company. Therefore, as one of the key issues in the logistics of enterprises, inventory management and control play an important role in the operation of the company. From a marketing point of view, inventory as an important component of corporate logistics, its potential for cost reduction is much greater than any marketing links, such as corporate logistics costs account for 50% of marketing costs, of which inventory costs account for approximately 35% , And logistics costs will account for 30% to 50% of the total cost of the product. In the United States, direct labor costs are less than 10% of production costs, and are still declining. Only 5% of the total production process is used for manufacturing, and the remaining 95% of the time is spent on storage and transportation. The logistics strategy is to maintain inventory with the lowest possible financial assets. The basic purpose of inventory management is to achieve maximum liquidity while fulfilling obligations to customers.

The actual layout of the warehouse must be optimized. It matches the operator and material receipt, the process and type of picking and delivery through the main inventory area. Correctly defining the geographical layout of the warehouse helps to reduce the time for moving goods, improve the efficiency of storage operations, reduce costs, and save expenses. The geographical layout of the warehouse can be defined as two-dimensional, three-dimensional, freestyle, or combined. For example, the main warehouse is generally defined as two-dimensional: channels, shelves, cargo layers. Location address available in two dimensions. Locations can be defined in terms of storage capacity, pallet type, storage container, shelf type, and special purpose. The type of cargo handling can be bulk storage, temporary storage, temporary return of storage, etc. Lot number control of the product is a key warehouse processing item. The product must have a lot number in order to track the quality and control the expired materials to ensure that the quality products are delivered to the customer.

It can be seen that today's warehouse operations and inventory control operations have been very diverse and complicated, and it has been very difficult to rely on artificial memory to handle it. If you can not guarantee the correct purchase, acceptance, quality assurance and delivery, it will lead to a waste of time, generate inventory, delay delivery, increase costs, resulting in the loss of customer service opportunities. Use barcode technology. Combined with information processing technology, it can ensure the accuracy of inventory, ensure the necessary inventory level and the movement of materials in the warehouse. Coordinated with incoming shipments to ensure optimal product inflow, storage and outflow.

The most common technology topic in the warehouse today is bar code, accompanied by data storage, transmission, intelligent software, computer platforms, and communications networks. Regardless of the flow of logistics, we can automatically record the flow of logistics. The combination of barcode technology and information processing technology helps us rationally and systematically use warehouse space and provide customers with the fastest, most accurate, and lowest cost method. For the best service.

The adoption of such a system can improve the accuracy of goods outbound/inbound storage, ensure the high quality of products, and can also change the labor intensity of manual handling existing in the original system. Work efficiency is low.

Barcode technology, like a link, links together the information that occurs at each stage of the product's life cycle, and can track the entire process from production to sales, enabling companies to be in an advantageous position in the fierce market competition. And bar code can guarantee the accuracy of the data. It is convenient and fast to use bar code equipment. The efficiency of automatic recognition technology is incomparable with the keyboard.

Sharp Electronics Co., Ltd. of Japan adopted a barcoded warehouse management system. The number of warehouse operations increased by two digits, the number of employees did not increase, and the inventory accuracy reached 100%; the difference between the delivery and purchase operations was reduced to zero, and some labor was large. The work is also compressed. In the past, based on paper-based operations, about 200 errors occurred each month in the delivery and storage. After an error occurs, it often takes several months to track these differences so as not to increase its impact. Now when each piece of goods goes into and out of the warehouse, the operator immediately reads the bar code on the goods with a hand-held CCD laser scanner and sends the data to the computer in time through the data collector. Some bar code readers directly load the data. On the lift, mistakes are avoided.

In the modern society, the market economy determines whether the status of the warehouse is not or lacks. It is an important transfer of the commodity circulation between the market and the modern enterprise in the market economy and the necessary infrastructure for storage. Warehouse management to achieve modern management tools, barcode technology is to ensure the optimization of warehouse operations, make full use of warehouse space, fast and convenient to provide customers with quality services, foreign exchange value-added priority measures.

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