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Common problems with thermal printheads

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High-quality inks generally do not produce permanent plugs. Therefore, some plugs are only false. Generally, the following “plugging” nozzles occur:

1. Contaminated plugs. These plugs are usually scraper failures and are caused by poor quality paper with long-lasting paper.

2. debris plug, which is the tiny things in the ink into the nozzle stuck in the ink outlet.

3. Filter plugs, long-term use of inferior ink, ink in the larger material and harmful solvents will be blocked in front of the filter, a long time will block.

4. Dry plug plugs are often left unused for a long period of time.

5. Chemical plugs often use a different type of ink to cause a chemical reaction that causes the gel to plug the nozzle.

6. Bacterial Corruption Plugs: These types of plugs often occur when the temperature is above 20 degrees, the bacteria in the ink multiply, causing the ink to degenerate, appear flocculent inside the nozzle.

7. Scaling plug: Due to the improper handling of water in part of the ink manufacturing process, water-based hard, long-term use of the mineralization of the water will foul in the nozzle, resulting in a smaller effective nozzle diameter, often starting from the print product has a horizontal stripes .

8. Oily plugs, ink cars need lubricating oil, sometimes the lubricating oil will spread to the nozzle, changing the physical properties of the nozzle, resulting in a phenomenon similar to the plug.

9. Electrical plug, some printer nozzles set the ink or ink cartridge chip electrical performance testing, when the detection of non-standard ink or chip, will close the ink valve to a different extent, so that the nozzle can not pass through the ink, this type of plug The head said false plug.

10. The gas plug, some ink defoaming performance is not good, in the ink will produce bubbles, but once the bubble into the nozzle, it is difficult to come out, resulting in gas blocking.

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