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What to do if the nozzle is blocked Teach you to clean the inkjet print head

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If the print head of an ink jet printer is not homed for protection after completion of work, or if it is not used for a long time, the nozzle may be clogged or even completely unprintable. The jamming and cleaning of the print head of an inkjet printer is a somewhat complicated process. We need to treat different products in different situations. This article describes the main software tools that come with the printer driver.

First of all, say Epson's products, because Epson's products use micro-piezoelectric technology, the nozzle is cured inside the printer, cleaning can only be done through the program, if you want to open the machine to clean, it is bound to be the original printer to lose the printer Warranty is not worth the candle, and even if you use a special cleaning agent and ultrasonic generator, it may not necessarily be able to clean. There are many sellers of detergents on Taobao, all claiming to be able to wash clean without corrosion, but who has proved it? And the print head is a very delicate and delicate parts, in the process of disassembly cleaning, it will inevitably lead to collision and damage. Even if the collision is very slight. If you are still severely clogged after cleaning with the following method, the best solution is to contact the local Epson after-sales service department to see how much it costs to replace a new print head, so as to ensure the installation accuracy of the new print head.

In the control panel, find the printer. Click here to print the preferences, not the printer properties or attributes.

Pay attention to click on the printing preferences

At this point, click on the Application Tool tab. First perform the upper left nozzle check. At this time, the printer will print a sheet of paper with a slanted mesh. It is easy to see if there are broken lines or broken places. Requires nozzle cleaning, which is the second upper left button.

Print Head Cleaning Program in Printer Utility

After performing a cleaning, a nozzle check pattern is printed to see if there is any improvement and if all the lines are complete. It should be noted that this process is very ink-consuming, so ensure that there is enough ink in the cleaning process.

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