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How to do printer nozzle jam, how much to sell a

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Printer nozzle clogging

To prevent nozzle clogging, besides paying attention to print, make sure that the print head is returned to the protective cover, and the replacement of the ink cartridge should be completed as soon as possible. Normally, the printer should automatically start the automatic cleaning program to clean the print head. It is recommended to spray after each wash

Mouth test, the number of specific cleaning depends on the nozzle test results. If it is still not possible to restore the printhead, then it must be filled with a G&G cleaning cartridge.

1. Take off the small ink bag or ink cartridge and remove the protective cover on the data line above the print head. (There is a lock on each end of the protective cover. The protective cover can be removed by gently turning the nails.

2. Next, unscrew the screws fixing the print head with a screwdriver, carefully unplug the cable, and remove the print head

3. Prepare an ultrasonic cleaning machine and inject approximately 20 ml of special cleaning solution into the cleaning machine (special for solvent ink. It can also be replaced with anhydrous alcohol, but the effect is not as good as the clear liquid.

How much is the printer nozzle

The printer's print head is just another part of the printer, so its price is very cheap compared to a printer. However, due to the different brands, the prices are different. But even expensive brands won't be expensive, and generally buying a better printer will send a spare printer head. Therefore, the price of printer heads in the market is generally between 80 and 300 yuan. However, I think that buying a price that is too cheap is not very safe. Buying too expensive is not necessary either. You can choose according to your actual situation.

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