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How the print head maintains the printer The printer's daily maintenance

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Note: Before the maintenance, please make sure to remove the static electricity from yourself. Excessive static electricity can damage the print head. The use environment must comply with the brand requirements of the product (specifically, refer to the instruction manual or the CD-ROM you purchased the product).

Print head cleaning

Turn off the power of the bar code printer, turn the print head upside down, remove the ribbon, and remove the print head with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) soaked with a small amount of print head cleaning fluid (which can be replaced with 75% medical alcohol). Clean, then gently dry the print head with a clean swab. Do not use metal objects (such as knives, screwdrivers, etc.) to hit the print head or touch the print head with your hands.

Roller cleaning

After cleaning the printhead, clean the roller with a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) impregnated with a little 75% alcohol. The method is to wipe the drum while turning the drum by hand. After cleaning, wipe it dry. The above two-step cleaning interval is generally once every three days. If the printer is used frequently, it is best once a day.

Drive system and chassis cleaning

Because the general label paper is a self-adhesive, its glue is easy to stick on the shaft and channel of the drive, plus dust, directly affects the printing effect, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. Usually twice a week, the method is to use a cotton swab (or cotton cloth) impregnated with alcohol to scrub the shaft, channels, and surfaces of the drive and the dust inside the chassis. After cleaning, wipe them dry.

Sensor Cleaning and Other Precautions

1. The sensor brand includes the ribbon sensor and the label sensor (see its instructions in its location). It is usually cleaned once a month to three months by blowing the dust and foreign materials on the sensor with a blowing device (suction ball). .

2. Power supply grounding wire To prevent excessive accumulation of static electricity and abnormal voltage fluctuations to damage the print head and the main board of the machine.

3, the printer can not hot swap, hot swap easily burn the printer motherboard. Turn off the power before inserting or removing the data cable.

4, the printer's daily maintenance is directly related to the life of the print head, such as maintenance is not easy to shorten the print head life, or even damage the print head and the machine motherboard.

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