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7 common zebra barcode printers

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Zebra barcode printers are widely used by users because of their superior performance and durability. Smaier Electronics will introduce you to the operation of restoring and testing the paper of each of the 7 common zebra barcode printers.

1, Zebra105SL Zebra bar code printer shutdown, while holding down the three key feed button, pause button and cancel button; boot, such as display content, release, bar code printer will automatically measure paper. Restore the factory settings: Press "SETUP" twice, then press the +-number page, find LOADDEFAULT, and then press SAVE, the barcode printer will automatically take the paper, and restore the factory settings, and restart the machine.

2, ZebraS600 Zebra barcode printer factory settings to shut down, while holding down the PAUSE and FEED boot, about 3 seconds, press the MODE4 key four times, save the settings, and then return to print mode, and then shut down. Detection method: In the case of power-on, hold down the MODE key until the CALIBRATE indicator lights, then press the FEED key.

3, ZebraZ400 Zebra barcode printer to restore the factory settings off, while holding down the FEED + PAUSE button to boot, about 10 seconds after the release, the printer will automatically restore the factory settings Paper measurement method Press and hold the CALIBRATE button to boot, release the CALIBRATE button after paper, At this time a lot of paper, paper out after the shutdown, and then boot, test paper is completed.

4, ZebraS4M zebra bar code printer test bar code print head is working properly, whether there is a needle break or whether the pressure balance on both sides of the print head just print the test page you can know, the method is to turn off the bar code printer, and then hold down the PAUSE button to boot , Wait 8 seconds to let go, barcode printer will automatically print out the paper, check the print content is intact. To restore the factory settings, press and hold the PAPER DOWN button, and press the PAUSE button to power on. After about 8 seconds, the printer will resume the factory settings.

5. Zebra110XiIII Zebra barcode printer paper recognition method Press the pause button first, then press CALIBRATE.

6, Zebra105SE zebra bar code printer paper under the state of power, press MODE three times, and then press the FEED button, the printer automatically performs the paper measurement action.

7. ZebraZ4M Zebra Barcode Printer Paper Press and hold the Pause button to boot. Whether the zebra barcode print head is broken or not, press and hold the pause button to turn it on after 8 seconds, and the bar code printer prints out a black bar code label sheet to check if there is a white line on the sticker. If there is any, it can be judged as a broken needle. Now, it is highly likely that the printed bar code will not be scanned.

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