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  • Desktop Bar Code Printer ABAR-1205
  • Desktop Bar Code Printer ABAR-1205
  • Desktop Bar Code Printer ABAR-1205
  • Desktop Bar Code Printer ABAR-1205
  • Desktop Bar Code Printer ABAR-1205
  • Desktop Bar Code Printer ABAR-1205
  • Desktop Bar Code Printer ABAR-1205
Desktop Bar Code Printer ABAR-1205

1-series thermal/heat transfer desktop bar code printer provides mature, reliable tag and label printing solutions. It is an ideal choice for countless applications that meet the need for reliability and cost-effectiveness.


The 1-series printer has a unique adjustable printing mechanism and advanced media induction.

1-series is not only a shipping or address label printer, but its unique design enables it to be reliably printed on tough and durable materials in a variety of applications. Whether it is printing clear and durable jewelry tags, or high resolution durable product sequence labels.

1-series can always show the remarkable effect of expensive printer.

1-series printers are reliable and cost-effective, and have been used by many large enterprises in the world to print bar code labels and labels.



 Printing technology

 Thermal, thermal transfer

 Print width (maximum)


printing speed




Communication port

USB, serial port RS232, Ethernet port, WiFi (optional)

Printing technology



 1- Print length range

 --64MB flash; 128 memory (SDRAM)

1- Consumable type



 - Web: 5" (127mm) Maximum Outer Diameter


 --Supports all linear codes

  1" (25.4) minimum inner diameter

 Physical characteristics

 --Supports all QR codes

--Folding paper


 3- fonts and characters

 -- Die-cut or continuous labels

--180mm (height) x 225mm (width)

- Supports all fonts under Windows

 --There are rows of holes and continuous labels or tickets

×256mm (long)

 -- Supports characters in national languages

 1-media width


 --All fonts can be expanded 24 times vertically and horizontally


 --2.4 kg

 -- Fonts and graphics print: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees,

2-media thickness


270 degrees


- The shell has a light or dark color

 --Supports image formats: PCX, BMP, IMG,

 3-media sensing

4-Working temperature


- Sensors with fixed or adjustable position,


 -- Any font and picture can be normal or reversed

  Can identify black marks, indentations or air gaps



 4-label back

 --Die casting alloy print head bracket


--Label can be retracted, stripped or used

 -- Transparent skylight monitoring consumable supplies

 Agency certification

5-carbon ribbon

- Support both internal and external carbon

 -- Contact sales manager for the latest certification list

 -- Tannery in line with industry standards; length 110m



   Axial inner diameter 0.5" (13mm)

 --Automatically shifting external power supply 100V-240V

 warranty period



 1-Printer: 1 year warranty

 Optional accessories


2-printer head: 3-month warranty, or print 30 kilometers

1- High resolution (300dpi)

1-communication port

 Based on first arrival

 2-WiFi Wireless LAN Card

-- Standard: USB, high-speed serial interface RS232


3- adjustable media sensor

 (DB-9) Internal Ethernet Port Ethernet


 4-standard cutter

-- Optional: WiFi


 5-external gyrator

2-Application Software


6- External Label Supply Stand

--ABAR configuration software: the program to complete the printer setup



--ABAR network management software



 -- Embedded Web Page Management



 --Windows Drivers - 2000, NT, XP, Vista



3-base software



 --Upgrades: Regular updates available online



-- Universal printer instruction language



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