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  • RFID Series Bar Code Printer ABAR-5310
RFID Series Bar Code Printer ABAR-5310

The award-winning 1-Class is a comprehensive and cost-effective industrial printer that offers reliability and flexibility. With a revolutionary modular design, most 1-Class options are field-installable.


What we are seeking today is value, performance and speed. From the desktop to industrial settings, 1-Class provides excellent design features, engineering advantages and unparalleled performance to meet your printing needs. Specially designed, the printer uses a well-made die-cast aluminum frame. This durable and lightweight design enhances the life and reliability of the printer. At the same time, the 1-Class has easy-to-use features such as color-coded hints, built-in consumables loader, and maintenance printheads. The unique removable ribbon hub assembly allows you to easily load or unload consumables. 1-Class offers a range of solutions for numerous applications and has become the industry's standard barcode printer.



Print width (maximum)


printing speed



 300 DPI(12./mm)



 Printing technology



 1-printer type


1- Consumable type

 - Thermal type

 - Thermal type - 64MB flash memory; 1GB memory (SDRAM)

 - Web: Maximum Outer Diameter 8" (203mm)

 - Thermal Transfer

 2-bar code

 Paper tube inner diameter: 1.5"-3" (38mm-76mm)


 --Supports all linear codes

--Folding paper

Physical characteristics

 --Supports all QR codes

-- Die-cut or continuous labels


 3- fonts and characters

--There are rows of holes and continuous labels or tickets

- 323mm (height) × 321mm (width) × 473mm (length)

 - Supports all fonts under Windows

1-media width


 -- Supports characters in national languages

 --1"-4.6" (25mm-118mm)

 --20 kg

--All fonts can be enlarged 24 times vertically and horizontally

 2-media thickness


 -- Fonts and graphics print: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees


-- The shell is dark

270 degrees

 3-media sensing

4-Working temperature

 --Supports image formats: PCX, BMP, IMG,

 --Adjustable sensors at any position to identify black marks,



  Notches or tabs


 -- Any font and picture can be normal or reversed

 4-label back

 --Die casting alloy print head bracket


 --Label can be returned or using cutter

--Transparent window monitoring supplies supply


5-carbon ribbon

- Support both internal and external carbon

 Agency certification

-- Ribbons that meet industry standards; length 600m


- Contact sales manager for the latest certification list

 Axial inner diameter 1" (25.4mm)

 - Automatic detection of 90-132V or 180-264V




 warranty period

 Optional accessories


1-Printer: 1 year warranty (with roller)

 1. Label eject sensor

 1-communication port

 2-printer head: 3-month warranty, or print 30 kilometers

 2. WiFi wireless LAN card

 -- Standard: USB

    Based on first arrival

 3.Bar code scanner



4. Standard cutter

-- Optional: WiFi


 5. Built-in gyrator

 2-Application Software



--ABAR configuration software: the program to complete the printer setup



--ABAR network management software



-- Embedded Web Page Management



--Windows Drivers - 2000, NT, XP, Vista



 3-base software



--Upgrades: Regular updates available online



-- Universal printer instruction language



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