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Print head cleaning Soft plug cleaning method

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Inkjet printer "plug" classification can be roughly divided into two categories: soft plug, hard plug.

Soft plug repair

1. Soft plug plugging refers to the disconnection fault caused by the large viscosity of the ink on the nozzle due to various reasons. Sometimes only attached to the surface of the nozzle of the ink outlet, generally the original ink can be recovered after many times of cleaning. The advantage is that the operation is simple, fast, without any physical damage; the disadvantage is that the use of high cost, more waste of ink.

2. Use the print head cleaning function in the printer driver's application tool to clean it. The advantage is that the operation is simple and fast; the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not ideal.


1, the above two cleaning methods generally should not exceed three times. When the printer "plug" is not serious, it should be flushed within three times. If it cannot be opened three times, it means that the plug is more serious, and the number of cleanings is not necessarily valid, and it is not necessary to use a lot of romantic expensive ink. At this time, further processing should be done depending on the specific circumstances.

2, due to the ink cartridge (such as the sponge filled type) and the print head will have a "air resistance" phenomenon, there will be a small amount of irregular broken line, this time do not have to repeatedly clean, place a period of time, restart the normal use 3, avoid ink mixing. New purchase ink can not be rushed to add to the ink cartridge. First, use a clean disposable syringe to inhale some ink and observe carefully in the bright place to see if there is any suspended matter in the ink. If there is suspended matter, it cannot be mixed. Then, inhale a bit of ink from the used ink cartridge and mix it with the newly purchased ink and then stand for 24 hours and then observe it to see whether the mixed ink has a chemical reaction. If there is a change, the compatibility of the two inks is not good. Do not mix!

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